Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bible study handles 10,000th Bible question, has record year 

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan - In 2010 God blessed THE Bible Study Web Site at  with its best year in its fifteen-year history, reports full-time Webmaster and owner Alan Ruth.
In 2010 the site attracted  5,185,156 actual visitors, an increase of 30% above the previous year.  These visitors requested  11,540,657 pages of Bible-based study materials, an incredible 31% above the previous year and the largest raw jump in study materials viewed (+2.7 Million) ever.
Last year the site was also blessed with achieving a MAJOR milestone in reaching the whole world with the Gospel.'s Personal Answers to Bible Questions service received its 10,000th Bible question from the public during the year. Alan further reported:
     "The site's Question and Answer service started in September 2002 and is staffed by several hard-working, mature Christian volunteers known collectively as the Email Evangelists. Their dedication to serving God by answering sometimes difficult and heart-rending personal questions makes the service possible. The Personal Answers to Questions outreach ended 2010 with a total of 10,065 questions handled since the service began.
     "'s popularity, in terms of visitors, has increase an amazing 428% compared to year 2004 totals. The total number of Bible articles viewed since 2004 has also dramatically increased by 260%.    
     "The Bible teaches not to despise the day of small things (Zech. 4:10) and that with God involved anything is possible. God has used the less than $2,000 donated for the year to do some great things."'s goal for 2011 is to serve 7 Million visitors who request 15 Million of its Web pages.
*  In its first year the site handled 1,811 questions from the public!
95%+ of all questions are submitted by those with NO church of God background or exposure.
*  The current group of Email Evangelists answering Bible questions from the public are:
          Rick and Eileen Beltz,  Charlotte Grantham,  Arnold Mendez Sr.,  Al and Debra Murrey,  Eric Snow,  Mike Summers,  Les Turvey,  Tommy West,  Margaret Vidal and Clay Willis
*  Seven of the ten current Email Evangelists have been faithfully answering Bible questions since the service started in 2002!
*  Answers from the Email Evangelists, posted on, are collectively the MOST POPULAR part of the site. In 2010 Email Evangelist answers were read a total of 2.4 MILLION times!
The Five Most Read Answers to Bible Questions in 2010
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