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The One Big Thing that Bush Lacks, but it's not Courage

The One Big Thing that Bush Lacks, but it's not Courage
by Rob Hood
As President Bush gave his final State of the Union address, I remembered all of the times that I had stood with our president despite violent liberal outrages and falsehoods during the Bush years. I have stood unashamed and proud of our president who has dared to look Islamofacism in the eye and stare it into oblivion through spreading the promise of hope and freedom to those ruled by evil tyrants like Saddam Hussein and the Taliban. I have stood proud with our president through all of his own trials and tribulations (some created by ultra-left wing news media)and have expressed my support and prayers for the president and his courageous decisions to overpower and conquer evil by all means.
I have been a proud conservative Republican for a while and have basically stood with the party even when some of the leaders of that party have committed wrongdoings and lurched toward the left on fundamental and vital issues like immigration and counter terrorism. After all, we are all human and all make mistakes. President Bush is to be commended for taking a righteous stand against the mass slaughter and genocide of innocents through abortion. He is to be rewarded for taking a stand against one of the most corrupt, sneaky, and evil men in history - Saddam Hussein. The only difference in Hussein and Hitler was that Hussein didn't have the manpower to complete his Hitler like annihilation of Israel. However, that didn't keep him from trying. He was a sole perpetrator in funding terrorists inside of Israel to blow up buses and other objects. In returnhe would provide monetary funds and also give terrorists a sanctuary to escape to when the heat was on from those who wished to extinguish their burning fires of hatred.
I was cautious about going into Iraq at first. The battle has been long, but the outcome will be worth the fight in the end. A world without Saddam Hussein is indeed a better world. A world in which terrorists are fearful of their lives and are running away from offensive forces who dare not show mercy on those who commit evil is a much safer world. A world where terrorists are afraid to show their faces (the cowards all wear masks) in fear of being killed on sight is definitely better than a world where terrorists rule and the people are afraid.
I thought that the President's speech was good, but one thing that this president is wrong on is the Israeli conflict. Recently President Bush went to Israel to promote peace between Israel and the surrounding area called Palestine (formerly known as Canaan). President Bush should look to history and recognize that "land for peace" does not equal peace, because the more land Palestinians get, the more they want. President Bush is a good man and should be commended for his efforts in fighting abortionists, terrorists, and the like, but he should read his Bible. The land of Israel always has and always will belong to God's chosen people and because of what happened in the book of Genesis three thousand years ago, there will never be peace between the half brothers -Israel and Palestine. The land rightfully belongs to Israel as a promised gift from God to Abraham and his descendants (later led to Christ through King David's bloodline). God promised the land to Abraham and to his people, but the people sinned so much that all through the Old Testament the land was taken from them and given back many times.
Now, in these final days before Christ returns, Israel has been re-established as God's people once again and today's politicians in Washington need to look outside of their own financial and political interests and recognize that they are dealing with the most powerful nation in existence - Israel. God allowed America to be formed and has blessed us so far, but remember that God promises to bless those who bless His people and curse those who curse His people as well. America is powerful and rich, but with one swipe God could banish us into servants and slaves if we dare curse His own chosen people. Politicians should be careful who they mess around with because some nations, like Israel have the Almighty creator of everything in existence on their side.
I do agree that peace is great if peace can be achieved, but peace on earth will never be achieved as long as sin is in the world. One day Christ will return as king of kings and Lord of Lords upon the Mount of Olives and will walk down into Jerusalem to rule over creation. Israel has been, is, and always will be God's chosen people and Washington politicians should recognize that fact and accept it because it's not ever going to change.
I do wish President Bush well in his final months in office and perhaps we can drive a few more liberals crazy by enacting common sense anti-socialist measures into action. Bush, in my opinion, has been a good leader and a good president. Of course no one is perfect and he has made some mistakes as we all do, but I believe that no matter what the liberals in the mainstream news press rooms say, Bush's legacy 100 years from now will be a great one and that he will be remembered as a noble man who did the right thing against overwhelming odds.
God Bless America!

About Rob Hood
Rob Hood grew up in rural Mississippi. He graduated from Holmes Community College in Grenada, Mississippi with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Electronics Technology and is currently employed as an Electronics Technician with HAM radio equipment manufacturer. He is also a Federal Communications Commission licensed Technician Class HAM radio operator and lives in North Mississippi.
Mr. Hood is also the author of Issues That Matter: America’s Moral Battleground and a columnist for the news/commentary sites of the Move Off Network at and also runs his own site and his own blog. You can check out Rob Hood’s blog at (click on blog). Check out his regular site at .
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