Saturday, February 13, 2010

Germany didn't have a divine mandate

Arab-occupied Jordan is part of Greater Israel

#14. To: No 6 (#10)
The Nazis had a word for it...."liebenstrom".

Moses was long before Hitler and he gave Israel the divine mandate for Greater Israel. So what if the Nazis had their counterfeit of it, a perversion of it? The Germans had no right to covet and seize other peoples' lands. Furthermore, it is the many Nazi- Muslims who imitate the Nazis in many ways, including their demand the dismembered parts of the Promised Land of Israel they occupy and pollute must be Judenfrei.
How outrageously dishonest is the equation. How they cheapen and demean the terrible historical uniqueness and horror of the Holocaust, those intellectual dwarfs who equate it with any event they cannot abide! Did the Jews of Germany say that the land was really theirs, stolen from them by the Germans and that they would work until the day they became the majority and take the land and make it "Judea"? If they did, the Jews of Hitler's time can be equated with the Arabs. Did the Jews of Europe massacre Germans, rape their women, burn their settlements, and vow to drive them into the sea? If they did, Europe's Jews and Israel's Arabs are the same. And if they did-if Germany's Jews killed Germans and sought to take their state from them - Germans would have been justified in removing them from Germany and saving their country. But if, as really happened, the Jews sought, not to destroy Germany, not to separate from Germany, not to be independent of Germany, but to be good, loyal, fervent, assimilated Germans, then what the Germans did was horrible, and what the Jews who equate the murderous Arabs with the murdered Jews do is obscene. With no apologies, no defensiveness, no hesitation, the Jew rejects with contempt the gentilized Hebrews and the neo-Hellenists. He knows the Jewish response to threats to destroy people and state: "If one comes to slay you, slay him first" (Sanhedrin, 72d). "Do not be overly righteous" (Ecclesiastes 7). "Said Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish: He who becomes merciful unto the cruel is destined to be cruel unto the merciful." -They Must Go