Monday, February 15, 2010

Joseph isn't Jewish!

Ascent to Joseph's Tomb in Video, Photos
by Hillel Fendel

( Hundreds of people visited the holy site of Joseph’s Tomb last week, accompanied by protective and organizational IDF forces. The site was the site of a bustling yeshiva for over 20 years until it was conquered by Palestinian Authority forces during the Oslo War of 2000. It was largely destroyed and has been closed to free Jewish entrance since that time.

Of late, however, midnight visits are enabled, organized by the army every several weeks (in addition to more frequent, unofficial visits by adventurous youths). One participant in last week’s visit said he counted seven buses and many cars, for a total of at least 400 people...

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Joseph isn't Jewish! Joseph is the father of Ephraim (the British Commonwealth of nations) and Manasseh (the single great nation of the United States). The patriarch of the Jews is Judah and their mother is Leah, not Rachel.