Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Islam in Action

Islam In Action

U.K.: Hezbollah Members not Welcome

Posted: 15 Jul 2008 11:19 PM CDT

Well, there is a shred of common sense left in the U.K. Now if they would only end all Muslim immigration. Hopefully this is a step in that direction for our British friends.

British parliament bans military wing of Hezbollah from UK for supporting militants

The British government will ban the military wing of Lebanese-based group Hezbollah from the country to punish it for supporting terrorist activities in Iraq and the Palestinian territories.

Lawmakers agreed Tuesday to make it a crime to join or support the military wing of the radical group.

Britain's minister in charge of fighting terrorism, Tony McNulty, says the movement is linked to insurgent groups in Iraq that have attacked coalition soldiers.

He says the organization's social and humanitarian wings would not be affected by the ban.

All political parties supported the ban, which passed through the House of Commons unopposed.

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Islamic Preacher Calls for Full Sharia in the U.K.

Posted: 15 Jul 2008 04:36 PM CDT

Just a few months after the top judge in the U.K. said that Muslims should be allowed to live under some aspects of Sharia law , a Muslim preacher is calling for full Sharia law within the Kingdom. What people like Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips do not understand is that once even one aspect of Sharia is allowed, Pandora's Box has been opened. 40% of the Muslims in the U.K. want Sharia law , so why would they stop pushing for full Sharia once the door has been opened? Allowing any aspect of Sharia is just inviting trouble and when you give Islamos an inch, they will take foot......literally.

Cleric in ‘kill them’ hate rant


Published: 14 Jul 2008

AN extremist Muslim preacher has called for death sentences and flogging in a rant at Britain’s best-known mosque.

Abu Zahra declared: “Male and female thief – amputate their hands. Those who kill – their life is not secure.” And he slammed unmarried sex, saying: “Lash them.”

His demand for Islamic-style punishments was revealed as the row continues over the Lord Chief Justice’s support for Sharia law.

Zahra belongs to hard-line Hizb Ut Tahrir, which once faced a ban.

At London’s Regent’s Park mosque he slated British democracy as criminal.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: “It’s unacceptable.”

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