Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ort and Beatty Family Photos

Great Aunt Neva (Scoviac) sent this note to Grandpa Arthur Hoover just after Grandma Vivian Hoover died in 1980:

Dear Art,
Here are the pictures for Davey. Vivian wanted some I just got them a few weeks ago. I wanted so badly to get one to Vivian but couldn't do it. David is into the ancestry thing so I'm sure he will appreciate them.

I've included the notes Aunt Neva wrote on the back of each of the pictures (with some clarifications).

Israel C. Ort (I.C.)

Edward A. Ort

Susie Ort standing (Died TB 12 yrs)

sitting Oda Ort (Rick)

Elizabeth Ostrander Ort --- Anna Ort (Keck) (Annabelle)

Gramother Mitchell

Grampa & Grandma Ort holding I.C. Ort (Israel C. Ort)

sitting Jim Ort

Standing Anna Ort Keck (Annabelle)

Grandpa Beatty

Florence Beatty Fetters (on his lap) --- Elma Beatty Tucker (stands behind her father)

Grandma Beatty --- Ella Beatty Ort (Grandma Ort) stands behind her mother

David's [my father David] mothers mothers (Grandmother Ort) Parents

Grampa Hiram Beal Beatty (His mother was direct descendant of King Alfred & niece of John Quincy Adams)

Florence Beatty (Fetters)

Mary Elizabeth Alvord Beatty

[Aunt Neva informed me later that Hans Oord came from the Palatinate, confirmed by cousin Carolyn (Ort) DeVoe this past Sabbath (our Ort Family Reunion at Scott and Jeanie Ort's home in Michigan), which is the Alsace Lorain area, and immigrated from French Alsace in 1740].

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