Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ron Paul has endorsed Chuck Baldwin

Chuck Baldwin 2008
Ron Paul No Longer Neutral
We have great news! Ron Paul has endorsed Chuck Baldwin

You can read the original at www.Campaign forLiberty.com

We have work to do. Chuck Baldwin, Darrell Castle and Ron Paul as our Secretary of TreasureWe need you to get back in the game NOW!

"I've thought about the unsolicited advice from the Libertarian Party candidate, and he has convinced me to reject my neutral stance in November election. I'm supporting Chuck Baldwin, The Constitution Party candidate"
Ron Paul

You Can Help!!!! 1. Join the team a. Be a Precinct Leader b. Download and Distribute Flyers c. Volunteer for the Phone Bank d. Lit Drop in Neighborhoods e. Create You Tubes f. Listen to www.RevolutionBroadcast.com 2. Donate on Friday Sept. 26


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