Sunday, August 16, 2009

Answered prayers

"The Prayers That Are Speedily Answered"
by Jack Hertzog

Many of us believe in prayer, but most people use prayer in a vague way of last resort, like "I've tried everything else, so I will try prayer"! Or praying is my "good luck charm"!

Some use prayer like the seamen did in the book of Jonah, "Every man called upon his god....(Jonah 1:5), and that was because they were in trouble and they called, each on their own gods in desperation. But what is prayer? It should be speaking to God! It should be the most important communication that we have in our life, because we are created for a relationship with the Father and the Son, and there is nothing more important than having communication with our Creator.

We humans are cloaked in the flesh, and by nature know very little about the Creator of all things, and we think it is strange to pray to an unseen God. But this is precisely why God has placed us in the flesh in these circumstances! He makes it difficult, and at least in this time, if we desire a relationship with God, then we are going to have to work at it, and prayer and communication with our God is a vital factor for having a relationship with our God.

First we need to know "Who" we are praying (speaking) to, but only God can reveal "Who" He is (Isaiah 65:1), so in accordance with His purpose, the purpose of desiring that we live like He lives, He first reveals that "He Is", and that He is the Creator, and then He starts revealing what he desires for us to do, and "how" we should do it.

So the next step is...

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"The Prayers That Are Speedily Answered"

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