Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bigoted not racist

Re: What democracy in Israel, mix marriages are forbidden.

Religious differences are not racist
Why not go educate yourself? You also probably assume the United States is a "democracy." Regardless, the Bible forbids the sin of interracial marriage and the folly of interfaith adultery.

For those who hatefully feel the same way about Israel as you do, let them feel free to move to any of the many Arab countries where they can enjoy all the "democracy" they please. Nobody is stopping them, eh? Then they'll BEG to return to Israel!

Even the Arab-occupied parts of the Promised Land of Israel that are Judenrein, that are ethnically cleansed of Jews by Nazi Muslims (and those who aid and abet them like Bush, Condi Rice, Obama, Clinton and other useful idiots for terrorists), is due to demented political and religious beliefs - not necessarily racist.

And when Israel finally repents and expels their sworn enemies, removes the murderers from their midst (they must go!), it will be for religious reasons and security concerns, not racist - since even the covetous Arabs are kin, not some different race. Although race matters.

Everybody needs to get back to where they belong, to appreciate segregation, to respect our God-given diversity and inheritances and stop mixing and adulterating bloodlines and borders and beliefs, causing so much unnecessary confusion and chaos.

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