Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where is the Toledo City Budget listed?

IF the City of Toledo truly wants legitmate input on the budget, why don't they have the budget listed in detail somewhere? I can't find it. Everything that could be privatized should be (like garbage) and if we're paying for any racist "affirmative action" programs they should be trashed immediately. (*Perlean Griffin represents such abuse and waste).

I don't believe the city is serious about public input on the budget when apparently they've FAILED or fear to post the budget in detail so we can go by it line by line.

Where is the Toledo City Budget listed?


Does Toledo Mayor Mike Bell pander to blacks and reward race hustlers?

Perlean Griffin is just another Tawana Brawley

Close Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance Offices Nationwide

Perlean Griffin adds insult to injury of Toledo and Mayor Carty Finkbeiner