Friday, March 09, 2007

Perlean Griffin adds insult to injury of Toledo and Mayor Carty Finkbeiner

Now for the latest in the Toledo, Ohio scandal of ungrateful Perlean Griffin, originally hired by Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner for $70,000 per year to an Affirmative Action office (that should have never been opened and the Mayor wants to close, among others, to cut the deficit): that wicked woman has the gall to call the mayor who hired her (and a disproportionate amount of other blacks) - "RACIST!"

Of course, Griffin has now collaborated with two other disgruntled black city employees to join her illicit "civil lawsuit" and accuses the mayor of running the city like a "plantation." (Well, at least they're all Democrats - imagine if Carty were a Republican). Such discontents never fail to find some black folk and liberal whites to pollute the atmosphere and protest, today outside the Toledo government center. Kick her to the curb!

I wonder if Carty Finkbeiner could counter sue to teach those who always cry "victim" due to race an important lesson in justice and humility.
Clearly Ms. Griffin's race didn't keep Carty from hiring her and he completely denies race had anything to do with her firing. I believe our Mayor.

Perlean Griffin ought to be ashamed of herself and her minister husband sounds like he has shirked his responsibilities to teach his own household a thing or two.

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