Friday, May 14, 2010

Dan and Jordan win The Amazing Race!

Since I've been "on the road again," I wasn't able to watch the final episode of The Amazing Race. I just watched it and I'm glad one of the two teams I hoped would win did (Dan and Jordan, Jet and Cord). Congratulations to Dan and Jordan!

Some have complained that Dan and Jordan won by "cheating" at the airport by putting their bags in front of  Jet and Cord at the ticket counter, but I seriously doubt that questionable stunt, that strategic move, is what won the race for them. Jet and Cord won the race when it came to integrity throughout, representing themselves, their parents and Oklahoma (besides cowboys and rodeo folk) admirably. (Jet loves to read, so I hope he takes the time to read Beyond Babylon and be blessed).

As far as Brent and Caite go, I was so sick of her trying to prove herself throughout the show . If she had any self-respect she wouldn't feel the need to prove anything to others. And every time Brent would build her up, she would fall flat on her face. I hope Caite gets over the past and makes a future for herself with confidence, living and learning, chalking it all up to experience. She also needs to overcome her violent outbursts where she said she wanted to punch or hit Brent. Women viewers would have a fit if a man repeatedly said such things and didn't get called on it.

Wouldn't it be nice if The Amazing Race would finally have contestants on it who represent themselves, who simply want to win a million dollars, and not "represent" black women, interracial couples, women, lesbians, senior citizens, etc.? Their own life stories and backgrounds should be of sufficient interest to viewers.

All the best to all the players, especially the The Amazing Race winners Dan and Jordan!