Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A New Era of Imperialism

Newsletter 2010/04/30 - A New Era of Imperialism

BERLIN (Own report) - The leading German foreign policy magazine is predicting "a new era of imperialism". The "struggle for energy, raw materials and water" is going to dominate global policy in the 21 century, declared a former prominent foreign policy maker of the ruling Christian Democratic Party (CDU) in the magazine "Internationale Politik". "19th Century nationalism, colonialism and imperialism are returning", he writes in his article. Twenty years after the collapse of socialism in Eastern Europe, the author is proclaiming the end of a "transition period" in world history and the beginning of a new epoch that will not exclude future "energy wars". The author, who has a profound knowledge of the transatlantic establishment, considers the USA and the People's Republic of China to be the main rivals. The EU must therefore make great efforts, if it does not want to be pushed to the sidelines of global policy. This article is published at a time, when Berlin is using the Greek crisis to demand extensive intervention possibilities into the primary sovereign rights of EU member states. The demand for a more aggressive EU foreign policy is accompanied by dictates on member states to reinforce the EU.