Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lou Dobbs

Lou's reputation as a no-nonsense speaker and proponent of making the most of an education made him the perfect keynote speaker at a recent commencement ceremony for Americans in Dubai.
More Americans now believe the Obama administration's response to the oil spill was worse than Bush's to Katrina. In order to deflect criticism, Our Supreme Leader is now looking for an "ass to kick." His own?
Lou's working to bring all sides together to [finally] solve the illegal immigration and border security crises. And as we see in this new unbiased film by Justin Malone, these issues are incredibly complex.
More Lou's Radar
Our Supreme Leader is now looking for an "ass to kick," as President Obama told Matt Lauer. But should it be his own? Byron York argues that the oil leak reveals Obama's utter lack of executive experience.
Last summer we named the names of those gutless legislators who didn't have the courage to directly face the American people. Guess what? Get the milk cartons ready: The Democrats have gone missing again.
The Obama administration promised us that the so-called stimulus would lead to private-sector job creation. But as we digest the latest employment report, one obvious question stands out: Where are the jobs?