Thursday, May 17, 2007 E-Brief - Thursday, May 17, 2007 E-Brief
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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Man-to-Monkey Billboards Used to Challenge Evolution
- Billboards that show a man turning into a monkey and an online game entitled “Let’s See How Evolution Works” are two elements of a new national campaign launched by a Christian group to call attention to the “lack of proof” for the theory of evolution...

Save the Planet: Stop Having Babies
London (
– Using fewer resources and “greener” technologies helps combat climate change, says a British environmental group, but the most effective strategy would be to limit the number of humans on the planet. The group said during an 80-year lifespan, a Briton born today will produce 744 tons of carbon dioxide...

Liberal Bloggers Rip Into Falwell After Death
– “The gates of hell swing open and Satan welcomes his beloved son,” a prominent left-wing blogger opined on her website at the news of the death Tuesday of the Rev. Jerry Falwell. “Guess god [sic] liked the ACLU better after all,” wrote another...

Lawmaker Expresses Dismay Over Planned Parenthood Conduct
– Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) said Wednesday she was “heartbroken” over recent controversies involving Planned Parenthood clinics in Ohio and California in which employees of the abortion provider are accused of ignoring or avoiding laws requiring that they report cases of rape...

Republicans Claim Victory in Rules Fight
– Republicans claimed victory Wednesday in a fight with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) over 185-year-old House rules that allow the minority party to block legislation...

Raid on Congressman’s Office Stirs Debate Over Balance of Powers
- A federal appeals court in Washington has heard oral arguments in a case examining whether the Justice Department acted lawfully in raiding the congressional office of a lawmaker under investigation for alleged bribery and fraud...

Israel’s Response to Rocket Fire Seen As Declaration of War by Hamas
Jerusalem (
– Hamas threatened to resume its suicide bomb attacks on Israel Thursday after the Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas terrorist headquarters in the Gaza Strip. In response, Hamas spokesman Abu Ubaida was quoted as saying that "the Zionist enemy has declared war."

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