Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's past time blacks get up and get over it

Judge pastor in context of the black religious experience

Another apologist for Pastor Jeremiah Wright (Obama's favorite black supremacist, anti-American minister for over 20 years) further muddies the already troubled waters with his vain attempt to dismiss it all as typical of the "black religious experience."

Toledo Attorney Lafe Tolliver appears clueless, dumbfounded by the natural backlash by "mainstream white America" (and conservative blacks) against the wild allegations Wright shoots off as facts to his racist black congregation, his haven of hatred, perhaps because he is black and ignorant about the "white religious experience" that goes by the Book - not the PC Manual, Victim's Handbook or some Black Liberation Text.

Tolliver's ploy of appealing to the example of the biblical prophets who spoke truth to power falls flat, since they spoke the truth - they weren't hypocrites with a chip on their shoulder, issuing a bitter stream of false accusations and historical distortions with an arrogant attitude. Honest folk recognize there is no moral equivalency.

Tolliver's tirade repeats the mindless mantra, "people of color." How can he have a law degree and fail to understand that white is a color? An affirmative action diploma? A dumbed down education? If LT wants to get technical, black is the absence of color. And would he mind if he's referred to as a "colored" man? "Mainstream white America" gets confused by such nonsense, since one minute they're Negroes, then black, then colored, now "African-American" (how special) and/or niggers or niggas - take your pick (or wear it in your hair).

Tolliver's taunt continues to blame the tame white man for the wild black man's religion; his colored views of the "white churches in America" is painted with a tainted tarbrush that would further extort white guilt and increase the White Man's Burden. Has he forgotten it was white religious folks who were abolitionists? That the United States outlawed slavery before Africa did? Shame on the white churches for not seeing to it that the blacks were repatriated to Africa immediately after liberation, as was discussed. All talk and no action.

Black and white congregations are not the same? Is that supposed to be some great revelation? Is Tolliver a racist for acknowledging this fact? Where was the outpouring of understanding and appreciation of the "white religious experience" and white heritage when segregationists were under attack? The typical black hypocrisy stinks to High Heaven.

It's past time black people get up and get over it, and stand on their own two feet like every other oppressed (real or imagined) group has managed to do.

David Ben-Ariel,

Author, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

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