Tuesday, December 23, 2008

There is hope...

Not everybody worships Obama...

Email received:

Re: Heil Obama!

Behold the mindless masses who blindly worship and adore their Marxist Messiah! Their NIMROD saviour from reason and sanity and personal responsibility.

"Let the White Man's Burden be doubled or tripled," they pray to their god of darkness whose shadow covers the land.

Cry, the beloved country!

Obama in the Flesh
If Obama's the Messiah...
Black Day in America: Obama Wins, America Loses
Obama is illegitimate!

History repeating?


There are a great many people who don't think Obama will do anything but make things worse. I am making connections between those people who have their eyes open, in the hopes of working directly to make things better. There are many things that can be done to make our own lives better, and reduce or try to avert the coming problems. If you would be interested in talking more, let me know. There are many viable solutions if people work together. Either way, be well and good luck.

Logan Smith
Albany, New York

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