Saturday, January 17, 2009

Muslims throw Jesus under the bus!

Fla:Protesters hit the Streets Over Islamic bus ads

This is follow up to the story CAIR:Jesus was a Muslim.

Led by Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate dozens of non-Muslims took to the streets in protest of CAIR's Islamic bus ads.


So much for Islam being a "religion of peace" with its character assassination of Jesus: the Islamoonies are waging war against Yeshua's religious identity and spreading lies that He was a Muslim! It's bad enough that the real Jesus is misrepresented by Catholics and Protestants, but now the Islamofascists want a piece of the action and covet and kidnap Him as one of their own!

The sooner we send the hateful Nazi Muslims packing to Mecca or Medina (or to any of their many Arab countries of origin), the better. They've polluted our lands long enough with their politico-religious lies. They must go - or our Judeo-Christian culture will!

Let the bus company, the Broward County Transit (BCT), know how you feel about this issue: ContactBCT

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