Friday, January 16, 2009

Self-destructive Jews oppose Zionism

Re: The Long—and Largely Untold—History Of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

That's as Luciferian as it gets! Calling black white and white black, good evil and evil good (Isaiah 5:2). There is nothing legitimately "Jewish" about opposition to Zionism: the support of restoration of Jews to the Jewish homeland of Israel. Christian Zionists put such self-destructive Jews to shame!

There is plenty of room for constructive criticism of how Jews should live their lives in the Holy Land of Israel, but that constructive criticism doesn't aid and abet sworn enemies of God, the Bible and Israel by treacherously opposing Jewish return to Zion or rewarding Nazi Muslim terrorism against Jews.

During WW2 those ghetto Jews who opposed Zionism, who failed to make the move to the Promised Land of Israel, after Hitler warned them and Jabotinsky alerted them, died in their hypocritical and self-imposed exile. Will Jews still living by choice in the diaspora learn from their bad example? I doubt it.


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