Thursday, February 05, 2009

Germany and Iran

Newsletter 2009/02/03 - Equilibrium rather than Exclusion

MUNICH/WASHINGTON/TEHERAN (Own report) - Prior to this year's Munich Security Conference, Berlin is pushing for a change in the Western Middle East policy. Wolfgang Ischinger, chairman and host of the Munich Security Conference is demanding a new approach to Teheran, and particularly that the USA establishes "normal relations with Teheran".

High ranking Iranian politicians are expected in Munich this weekend for talks. This has to be seen in the context of Berlin's attempt to obtain access to Iran's extensive natural gas reserves. The planning of an appropriate pipeline ("Nabucco") was accelerated last week. US sanctions against Iran are presently an obstacle to the implementation of German plans. Think tanks in Berlin are elaborating strategies for facilitating access to the Iranian resources while simultaneously preventing Teheran's rise - not through open military threats but through a Western controlled balance of weakness in the Middle East.


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