Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Purpose of National Punishment

Israel's Chastising And Raising Back Up
By COG Member

The USA is on the course of destruction, and the danger from going down from within is just as great as going down from without, because right now aliens are devouring their strength, yet this ties in with Deut. 28 :43 and Isa 1:7.

We still do not know the time frame of the fall of Israel (Anglo-Saxons), but this is clearly shown in (Amos Ch 6), and it clearly speaks of a nation-s called the "Chief of the nations", and when the Eternal decides to chastise Israel (Anglo-Saxons and others), chastised they will be, but in His own time (Acts 1:7)

The thing that most people in the world do not realize is, that the Anglo-Saxons, mostly America and Britain have kept the world out of WW3, and if and when the Anglo-Saxons fall, the world's problems will have just begun, because there is a perpetual prophecy about Israel, in which the Eternal says of Israel and the great Nation-s descending from Abraham "I will bless those that bless you, and curse those who curse you" (Gen. 12:2-3), so if the world curses Israel and Judah, they are under a curse, and very near to being destroyed also; The Lord might chastise Israel, using other gentile nations to do so, but when He's through chastising Israel, He will turn around and deal with the other nations and give them a double measure of what they've done to Israel. (Rev. 18:6)

The Lord has chosen to bless Israel (Num. 23:23), so woe on them who curse her;
Germany killed 6 million Jews, but they lost 24 million of their own people, and the Lord has already pronounced a curse on any who curse Israel, because even though the Lord might chastise Israel, woe unto those, whom He uses to do it. (Isa 10:5-19).

And when the Eternal raises Israel back up, woe unto those that come against her (Isa. 10:15-19 ~ Zech. 10:5-8 ~ Zech. 12:2-9).

The Eternal has said that He will bring Joseph (Anglo-Saxons) down (Amos 4:3 ~ Amos 6:6,7), and that He will bring all Nations against Jerusalem (Zech. 12:3), in order to humble Judah, but He also says that He will surely raise them back up and start fighting the very nations of the world which have taken Joseph into captivity, and are seeking to destroy Judah and Jerusalem ( Zech. 10:3- 8 ~ Zech. 4-9).

The Eternal is still using Israel and Judah very much now to do His will, even though they are not really striving to serve Him as He desires, and they do not really know Him, but when He has chastised them, and brought them to repentance, He will use them as He did in the days of old, and He will show the world that He has favored Israel and Judah, and will use them to teach the whole world His ways and the Law shall go forth from Zion (Isa.2:3), and we shall all hear the Lord roar from Zion (Amos 1:2), and He will show the whole Earth that He is the Lord.

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