Friday, February 13, 2009

Nuclear Alliance (German Nuclear Cooperation with Russia)

Newsletter 2009/02/12 - Nuclear Alliance
MUNICH/BERLIN/MOSCOW (Own report) - Through its nuclear alliance with Moscow, the German Siemens Corp. now has the perspective of participating in military nuclear projects. This is the outcome of the most recent talks held by the corporation's leaders with the prime minister of Russia. According to these talks, contrary to the initial announcement, this rapidly initiated cooperation will not be restricted to the state-owned Atomenergoprom, which consolidates the entire civilian nuclear economy of Russia. It extends mainly to the Rosatom nuclear administration, which is also in control of the military nuclear sector. Rosatom has currently drawn public attention because it is completing the Iranian Bushehr nuclear power plant, whose construction had been initiated by Siemens. This new perspective for Siemens cannot come as a complete surprise. For over a year Siemens has held a considerable amount of shares in a Russian turbine producer that produces also components for nuclear submarines and the arms industry. The German-Russian nuclear alliance is projected to last for decades and is due to be contractually finalized this spring.

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