Saturday, October 17, 2009

Islam: Evil in the Name of God

What I've seen the author Jake Neuman has to say about ISLAM is all very true and documented, exposing Islam's murderous hatred and chilling call for brutal violence against all non-Muslims.

If some are disturbed by these troubling facts, vainly attempting to dismiss it as "more hatred," lazily failing to refute a word of it, they fail to face reality or recognize it's good to love God and hate evil.

My criticism, having glanced through parts of Islam: Evil in the Name of God, is the author should stay focused on the evil of Islam and leave his ideas of what constitute a God of moral perfection for another book, since many Christians and Jews, Bible believers, will strongly disagree with his self-righteous notions that all war is evil (see Onward Christian Soldiers!), his blasphemous statements that God never intervened in war for any side, that Jesus was a strict pacifist, that the author is the Last Prophet (see The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11), etc.

Islam: Evil in the Name of God certainly doesn't turn the other cheek!