Sunday, October 11, 2009

It was meant to be

Re: Part of God's Good Creation

David Ben-Ariel
It was meant to be

Originally I wanted a purebred black and white Siberian Husky male with blue eyes, but they all went fast and cost between $300-500 bucks, and my family (all dog lovers and dog owners) talked sense to me about it would get too big for the house and shed too much on my furniture, and a friend who has adopted 3 dogs over the past several years said I should adopt a dog. Decisions, decisions.

Then I saw some adorable Westie pups in The Blade online classifieds, but the owners didn't want to register them even though they said they were purebred; then I liked this one at a rescue place in Sylvania but they want you to feel out enough paperwork to strip a forest bare so I said forget it... then decided upon a cute little terrier mix and emailed back and forth the Humane Society to get information and then when I went to get "Fang" (who I was going to name Toto), they said he had been adopted two hours before! Oy vey! So my friend Butch and I checked out the critters and agreed "Alex" would be good. I've named him Ziggy Bear. I had basically already decided upon Bear but after listening to plenty of David Bowie as I worked around the house, Ziggy (a two syllable name he responds to well) became part of his name.

I knew his adoption fee would be around $100 so I had some money in an envelope and was getting ready to pay for his adoption fee ($125), dog license fee, a bone, a toy, a leash and collar, and I asked how much that would add up to and - believe it or not - it came to $169.88... the exact amount of cash I had in the envelope and I had change in the other pocket!

Playful Bear