Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nimrod's promise

While it is doubtful that President Obama even knows about the Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course, his September 25, 2009 speech on the accomplishments of the recent G20 summit contained nearly identical language to what the Living Church of God published more than nine years ago, and echoed Nimrod’s promises from four millennia past.

- Nimrod's promise

President Obama appears to be a well-intended man trying to deal with complex world problems.

Oh really? Couldn't the same be said about Hitler or Stalin or any of the current world leaders? This shady character, Emperor Obama, refuses to even prove whether or not he is a natural born American citizen and pays a horde of lawyers handsome sums to keep his revealing documents in the dark! As far as we know he is a president usurper. He hasn't given us any reason to think otherwise, especially since ACORN - his partners in crime - has been found guilty of many illegalities, Obama's influx of foreign contributions haven't been properly investigated, Obama wasn't certified, and it's documented the DNC committed treason.

Why has "God's faithful Church" FAILED to report on these facts? Do you lack the courage and conviction of the Prophets to speak truth to power?

Why have you FAILED to warn Obama is an ominous sign of these Times of the Gentiles, a great deceiver, like the Beast and False Prophet will be? Fearful of being politically incorrect? If you fear to state the plain truth about Obama while it is day, while you have every legal right, how can we expect you to faithfully expose and oppose the Beast as the darkness descends and it could cost you your life?

At least you offer literature that will undoubtedly tell more about the imminent world dictator, offer generalities, but why miss out on this opportunity to address specific leaders and their issues?


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