Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Champion Windows are losers?


My first order with Champion was done by a professional (who has since moved away from Toledo) when I ordered block windows for my basement. I'm very pleased with their look, even if the fellows who installed them left a mess for me to clean up in the yard. Perhaps I should have quit when I was ahead...

I ordered a front window on October 15, called the sales rep MANY times to ask questions about discount information I received in the mail, leaving voice mail messages, and finally he got ahold of me and said he would get back with me and NEVER did, so I went in person - more of my time and money - to their Maumee store and had some man explain what the other fellow failed to do.

Thinking it's been quite awhile, I called the other day to see what was going on and was told by the receptionist my window should have been on their last truckload but apparently wasn't and if I would call back that Thursday or Fri. - I said I'm sick of calling and if they were professional they would contact me and let me know what's going on! She said she would let the sales rep know who, again, FAILED to call me with explanations, understanding, anything. Today is Monday evening and still no word. I'm tempted to call tomorrow and tell them to refund the money I put down and good riddance!

David Ben-Ariel


Time now is 3:44 and just received a phone call to "pencil me in" for Friday morning. I hope so. I definitely hope to say, "All's well that ends well." We'll see, eh?