Monday, December 28, 2009

Ditches not Bridges?

Doni Miller is a black lady who has a local program on called Bridges. I wrote her on Facebook concerning several recent shows:

It's easy to criticize when YOUR life isn't in danger!

It's easy for those who were not in danger's way, who were not on the scene, to preach about what should have been done with the crazy woman threatening lives, brandishing a weapon that could have easily slit a jugular or gouged out an eye. If an officer had been killed or injured, would those same folks have held a vigil? Of course not.

If the cops or the caregiver simply shut the door on the deranged woman with scissors in her hands and she hurt or killed herself, then what? And if the mental person who threatened to kill the police officer wasn't black, would smug black ministers and the president of the racist NAACP have even noticed or cared? Instead, typically, they jumped on another occasion to get their mugs on camera and demand meetings so they can feel self-important. Enough is enough! The same principles I've addressed before (Black Mark on Toledo) apply to this situation and nothing has changed in the black community when it comes to blaming everybody but themselves.

And why call your program "Bridges" when the few I've seen all narrowly focus on always angry blacks and their constant complaints? You describe it: "Community affairs show, mostly highlighting issues related to folks of color-but we really try to address issues of general interest to the community." Are you racist? Don't you realize we're all people of color, that white is a color and that technically black is the absence of color? Why not be more honest and call it Ditches? The black community appears stuck in a ditch they've dug themselves into. Enough is enough.

And while watching your program, a commercial ran with Magic Johnson and some black woman saying, "Stop Black AIDS," mentioning how the HIV/AIDS rate is higher among blacks. Imagine if there were commercials saying "Stop White AIDS." The typical horde of black ministers and Willie Ann Moores of this world would jump all over it saying "how racist" and "AIDS doesn't have a color" and "why focus on white people?" Why not just "Stop AIDS?"  Typical double standards too many have grown accustomed to and ignore and realists like me who point them out often get attacked. Enough is enough.