Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas is for the children?

Pagan Holidays

Pagan holidays that God hates aren't "for the children!" How can they be? When you go through the terrible HOLOCAUST that's coming (because of our idolatry and immorality), you'll understand we've SACRIFICED OUR CHILDREN in its flames!

If we're going to be saved out of "Jacob's trouble," we've got to think like God does and see things His way (Isa. 59:7-9). Mankind had better stop arguing with God! It's going to get us deported and killed! We need to hate the lies of Easter, Sunday, Christmas, and all the other religious bull we've heard and fallen for! We need to stay out of those corner bars (with crosses and steeples) that put us in a Biblical blackout! That hard liquor makes us forget what God says we're supposed to do, or gets us to the numb point where we don't even care!

- Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall - Chapter 7 - "Elijah's Key Role"

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