Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Does Global Warming cause AIDS?

Re: Does HIV really cause AIDS?

HIV negative Says:
December 9, 2009

“Does HIV really cause AIDS?”

If not, what then causes it? Global warming??


What truly causes AIDS is the controversial question. The "answers" are often contradictory and confusing.

Scarlet Letter: A Christian With AIDS
The following is a actual letter I sent to a close Christian friend in 1999, immediately after I was diagnosed with HIV. Since then the HIV has progressed on into AIDS.

Does God Heal Today?
When I was first diagnosed with the HIV virus, I read innumerable articles on it and later suffered from an information overload and depressing confusion. One article would speak in favor of taking the highly toxic HIV/AIDS medicines, and then I'd read another one that spoke against it with just as convincing of an argument.