Sunday, April 25, 2010

No King Memorial on Mall!

MLK's name has already littered enough American streets, squares, and bridges. Furthermore, his blind devotees have a shrine to their idol in Atlanta.

Justice demands there should never be any memorial to the controversial Martin Luther King Jr., unless or until the extensive FBI files are first opened to public scrutiny and then the American people can decide what to do with the documented revelations. Imagine the outrage and horror when the plain truth about the fraud and forged hero is finally brought to light if his deceptive Memorial has been permitted to defile the Mall and pollute the place and millions of schoolchildren have been brainwashed to believe the big lie about him! Why be an accomplice to such evil? It's mad to even think about having any memorial to such a con man among truly great American heroes!

"Dr" Martin Luther King lived a double life
"Dr." Martin Luther King, Jr. exposed as a fraud!
Martin Luther King Day?