Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Racist ANC fails to learn from Zimbabwe's ruin

Malema lauds Bob, says SA will copy Zim's land seizures
Apr 4, 2010 | By Sunday Times

ANC Youth League President Julius Malema yesterday endorsed Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's economic policies - and threatened to import them to South Africa and to nationalise white-owned farms and mines.

In a fiery speech at a netball complex in Harare's Mbare township, Malema told a cheering 2000-strong crowd of Zanu-PF youths that, after his visit to Zimbabwe he was going to intensify his campaign for the confiscation of farms and mines in South Africa.

"In SA we are just starting. Here in Zimbabwe you are already very far. The land question has been addressed. We are very happy that today you can account for more than 300000 new farmers against the 4000 who used to dominate agriculture. We hear you are now going straight to the mines. That's what we are going to be doing in South Africa," Malema said amid cheers.

"We want the mines. They have been exploiting our minerals for a long time. Now it's our turn to also enjoy from these minerals. They are so bright, they are colourful, we refer to them as white people, maybe their colour came as a result of exploiting our minerals and perhaps if some of us can get opportunities in these minerals we can develop some nice colour like them."

Only five months ago, Malema said Mugabe should go - but yesterday he endorsed the Zimbabwean ruler, whose government has killed thousands of those opposed to Zanu-PF rule and overseen the destruction of the economy through land seizures...


Doesn't the racist ANC and its corrupt leaders realize when they kill the goose that lays the golden eggs everybody suffers? How stupid can they be? Obviously they've failed to learn from Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe ruins. Don't cry to the white West to save you when you're starving and eating elephants!

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