Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is the Vatican working with the "Sanhedrin" to divide Jerusalem?

One must question whether or not this present "Sanhedrin" (in training or preparation) would agree to some deal with the Vatican over Jerusalem. Would the "Sanhedrin" submit to an arrangement where the Roman Catholic Church is offered their long sought control of Mount Zion (with "guarantees" of freedom of access for Jews to King David's Tomb) in exchange for the restoration of Jewish authority over the Temple Mount (with the go ahead given for the construction of the Third Temple by the release of the Temple treasures from Rome to Jerusalem), with the understanding that when UN Resolution 181 is enforced such a "Sanhedrin" would be elevated and respected as the legitimate Jewish rulers/representatives, considering the secular shell of a state will soon be history?

The Chief Rabbinate already flirts with foreign occupation. Are there any other groups in Israel that couldn't care less who runs the state - UNJews or actual Gentiles - as long as they're free to worship and left alone to lead Jewish lives?

I hope and pray nobody trusts the German-dominated EU or the bloody Vatican, as Zechariah reveals such Roman wolves in sheep's clothing will brutally betray and occupy Jerusalem, expelling the entire Jewish Quarter, as Mount Zion is merely a stepping stone to the coveted Temple Mount.

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