Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rose Petals

Rose Petals

Looking at pictures from a long time ago
Gazing into faces of people I used to know
Remembering those moments when we were all so close
Now we're just fond memories, fun stories to be retold
Relationships that began to blossom as a rose
Each and every experience watched another petal unfold
Such an emotional adventure, something to cherish and hold
Like flowers picked from the field of life in a vase to behold

David Ben-Ariel

I actually wrote that poem/song when I was living as a volunteer in Israel, at a kibbutz in Israel (it's a commune, a collective farm, where in return for your work you get your room and food and a wonderful opportunity to meet other volunteers from all over the world), Kibbutz Regavim (in the middle of the country), and there was this Dutch guy who played the guitar. Maarten was his name. I told him if he played the guitar words would come to my mind and I could write a poem just listening to him play. He started playing and I started writing and this poem is the result!

Maarten (Holland) and David at Kibbutz Regavim

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