Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To be a Jew...

To be a Jew can mean to be an ethnic descendant of the Tribe of Judah or of the Kingdom of Judah (which comprised portions of Benjamin, Levi and Judah - even some Simeon),
To be a member of the religion of Judaism.

When I speak of Jews, I'm referring to the first definition - not strictly members of the religion of Judaism that has every race in its ranks. I've spoken out against those "Jews" pretending to be ethnic Joes, etc.

Michael's Freund's fraud: Indian converts pretending to be Joes!

Paul was a Jew by his association with those of the former Kingdom of Judah, and by their religion. He still claimed to be, present tense, a Pharisee - but with a new and improved understanding. Yeshua and the early Church of God, those ethnic Jews and Israelites in it, were also Pharisees.

The Pharisees


luis said...

You forget What Jesus says. A jew is one of the heart and not of the outward appearance.
Shoud not Christians be wary of being pulled in by political correctness in todays battle for Being Right before God. ?
Since Heaven is our inheritance, Why bicker over a plot of land or who is a jew or a joe. . ? Will not Jesus Himself destroy His enemies. ? Will He not separate the goats from the lambs?
Are we called to provide social services for every Tom, Dick and Harry ? Isn't our resourses to be used to support and to strenghten the brethren caught up in turmoil being denied basic needs for spite for those who hate Christ ?
Going to the byways and highways and bringing the Gospel. Sure, in this case sharing a meal and reaching out with basic needs to whomever is being troden down as we engauage in efforts to evangelize.
In Christ. Be ye not observers of days , times or seasons as the heathen do. So why do we. ?

David Ben-Ariel said...

No, Luis, I haven't forgotten what Jesus says, but you must have forgotten it was Paul who said what you're referring to about being a spiritual Jew. ;-)

The early Church of God was composed of physical Jews who were also spiritual Jews. The whole Bible focuses on the family of Jacob-Israel.

Why do you say "Heaven is our inheritance" when Yeshua clearly said "the meek shall inherit the Earth" and the New Jerusalem with its streets of gold and pearly gates is revealed in the Book of Revelation as coming down to Earth from Heaven?

Why should Nazi-Muslims bicker with God when His Word and Will is for the Children of Israel to live in the Promised Land of Israel?

Since the Bible clearly reveals that it's important to God that the literal descendants of Joseph and Judah continue today, why isn't it important to you? Satan is the one who would minimize their importance (and in other ways exaggerate their importance). We should learn to think like God.

Thankfully, I don't observe the heathen days, but keep the same biblical Sabbath and biblical festivals that God gave Israel to share with the world and Yeshua, the apostles and early Church of God kept (sharing God's plans of salvation for all mankind, step by step).

The English-speaking nations of White Israelites