Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why do Blacks hate the truth that could set them free?

"He who dares not offend cannot be honest." -- Thomas Paine

From faida:

You spew a lot of hatred towards blacks and put all of them in the same pot. Now how would you like for someone to do that to your 'superior' race? Oh yeah, I forgot, that couldn't happen to your race since you are the superior ones. That's ok for white teenagers to put the noose around the tree which I remind you caused the violence in Jena. Of course, that's not their fault, right? It's just a harmless joke, right? And what about blacks who do not come from the Ghetto and have never lived in the projects and have parents who are builders, masonry contractors, plumbers, doctors, nurses, teachers? Those type of blacks - a large population in America and especially in the South - don't exist, right?

I hope you are having fun. I'm sure that your blasting blacks helps you feel superior and I see it gives you more than enough material to submit to the article directories. I guess I'm suppose to be afraid of you since you seem so scary. But you disgust me and I had to say something back to you. But, I will admit that you are a very good writer. Of course, that is why you are popular and I'm sure you are able to influence others with your powerful style of writing.

You know that hatred is not good for your heart, right? I wish you well. Have a good one!

Posted by faida to Beyond Babylon at November 02, 2007

No, Faida, I do not "spew a lot of hatred toward blacks and put them all in the same pot." If you carefully read what I wrote, putting your head above your heart, you would see I decry those blacks who are guilty as charged and praise those blacks who are conservative and risk the wrath of those in their confused community who also hate them for daring to speak the truth.

How long will you fall for that BIG LIE about the noose? The information is out there to prove it had nothing to do with those black thugs beating that innocent white man. Strange how you show no sympathy for him or even mention him.

Why are you blathering about whites being a superior race? Do you have an inferiority complex?

Why should you be afraid of the plain truth? You should be afraid of those who lie to you, who speak smooth things, who want to keep blacks on the PC plantation. If the black community would listen to me or black conservatives they would be free at last and truly be judged by the content of their character rather than by all the poor excuses they make, hiding behind the color of their skin.

Thank you for the compliment on my writing, even if the plain truth obviously offends you, sad to see.

We are told to hate that which is evil and to love that which is good. Those who are living a lie, who are in denial of the problems plaguing the black community, have a dark and deceitful heart that is not good for them or anybody else.

Don't be disgusted by the truth, let it set you free. Be disgusted by those who would keep blacks down and out, always crying "racism" and playing the victim while often being just the opposite.

I was just going to delete your comment, since I'm sick of false accusations that I have to deal with all the time by careless readers, but I felt that I would address them to show you I'm serious and hope that you would think and pray about what I've said and be well.

David Ben-Ariel

Race Matters

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