Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Frank I. Cobb, William Pitt, Charles A. Beard

"If the author of the Declaration of Independence were to utter such a sentiment today, the Post Office Department could exclude him from the mail, grand juries could indict him for sedition and criminal syndicalism, legislative committees could seize his private papers ... and United States Senators would be clamoring for his deportation that he ... should be sent back to live with the rest of the terrorists."
-- Frank I. Cobb
(1869-1923) American Journalist
Source: New York World

"The poorest man may in his cottage,
bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown.
It may be frail, its roof may shake;
the wind may blow through it;
the storm may enter; the rain may enter;
but the King of England may not enter;
all his force dares not cross the threshold
of the ruined tenement."
-- William Pitt
(1708-1778) First Earl of Chatham, English statesman and orator
Source: Speech in the House of Lords, in opposition to Excise Bill on perry and cider, 1763

"One of the best ways to get yourself a reputation
as a dangerous citizen these days
is to go about repeating the very phrases
which our founding fathers used
in the great struggle for independence."
-- Charles A. Beard

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