Wednesday, May 06, 2009

National Responses (Neonazism in Germany)

Newsletter 2009/05/01 - National Responses

BERLIN/DRESDEN/NEU-ULM (Own report) - The NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) is using the global economic crisis to intensify its mobilization efforts on the First of May. The party has announced that it will intervene even more actively than before with "national responses to the economic crisis" and struggle "wherever popular resistance raises its head" to take the path of a "national and social renewal." On today's "International Worker's Day", NPD rallies will be held under the Nazi period's "Buy German" slogan. According to recent research, rightwing extremists are gaining strength particularly among the youth and are intensifying physical attacks on both non-Germans and their German opponents. The rightwing motivated crime rate rose last year by 16 percent, five percent of all fifteen year-olds are organized in a rightwing extremist group. The basis of this development is a dramatic rise in German nationalism. According to a recently published study, about 60 percent of the population is "proud to be German," 70 percent declare that their "German-ness" is endangered through immigration.


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