Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Open Season on Jews?

Chief Rabbi to Pope: Tell the world Jews belong in Israel


Will the Nazi pope help drive Jews home to Israel by exhorting his "faithful" it's permissable to put a fire under their butts to get them moving to where they belong, forcibly reminding them they're in exile? It appears that's what Jews demand who have failed to learn the lessons of the Holocaust.

Why did the Babylonian envoy fail to denounce the Nazi Muslim occupation of the Temple Mount for its daily discrimination against Jews and Christians who are denied their rights to pray and read the Bible upon the most holy site in the world? Truly this is against the spirit of the Prophets who announce Jerusalem will host a House of Prayer for All Peoples.

Shame on the chief rabbis for failing to teach Jews to follow Judaism to the Jewish Homeland and asking a pagan pope to preach the Word!

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