Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Leftist's environment of disdain for law

Owning the tragedy
Over at The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg snipes at gun-control interlopers who want to stake out a claim to yesterday's Holocaust Museum shooting. JTA's Ron Kampeas comes to their defense.


Where do all the gangsters and criminals get their illegal weapons? From illegal sources. Where do the vast majority of people - those who are legal gun owners (not that the Constitution requires political approval of gun ownership) - obtain their weapons of self-defense? From legal sources.

The old man appears pushed over the edge by liberal Jews who seem bent on destroying everything that built up the United States (or South Africa or Rhodesia or any of the Western countries of people of white color).

What he did was definitely wrong, as he could and should and probably did protest within the law. However, the murder at the misplaced museum (it isn’t American history and it doesn’t belong there) is the fault of the Leftist’s since they’ve created a polluted environment of disdain for law and order and aid and abet an apparent president usurper who hates people of white color and the United States, having been indoctrinated in Black Liberation Theology for over 20 years at racist Jeremiah Wright’s haven of hatred, besides his early years of Muslim brainwashing, a potent mixture that doesn't bode well for the United States.

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