Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jewish Pioneers Murderously Maligned

Some Jewish settlers turning against Israel
Confident they are following the word of God, a small but vocal and increasingly violent minority within the Jewish settler movement has become the face of radical Jewish nationalism in Israel. Read more »

The Jewish pioneers are not turning against Israel but are expressing understandable anger and frustration at a treacherous government that puts foreign interests above that of Jews and Israelis.

A proper word for settlements are Jewish Pioneering Communities in bibical Judea and Samaria. The East Bank of the Jordan River remains Arab-occupied (in British-forged “Jordan” on dismembered parts of the Promised Land of Israel)), but you never hear the msm refer to it as the “East Bank.” The New Testament refers to such biblical territories as Judea and Samaria, just like the Bible does.

Christian Zionists and Jews of faith recognize these facts, and it’s past time president usurper, the fraud and foreigner Soetoro/Obama, submit to the Word and Will of God and acknowledge it’s the Promised Land of ISRAEL - not Ishmael or an acursed Palestine!

Those who engage in unwarranted hatred and wickedly malign these Jewish heroes reminds me of Hannah Senesh: Her Life and Diary, that included this interesting observation: “When anyone in Hungary spoke of Zionism five or even two years ago, Jewish public opinion condemned him as a traitor of Hungary, laughed at him, considered him a mad visionary, and under no circumstances heard him out.”

Thank God that the few Zionists were able to transcend the bitter criticism of the short-sighted majority! Thank God that such “mad” visionaries saw their dream become a reality: a Jewish Homeland!

During my brief appearance before Israel’s High Court, the prosecution charged that I hold “dangerous ideas.” I suppose the short-sighted prosecution would ban the Bible if he could since it contains the dangerous ideas that millions believe in! What are those “dangerous ideas?” That the Promised Land is promised to Israel and not to Ishmael; that the Temple Mount must be restored as the TEMPLE Mount and respected as Judaism’s holiest site; that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel.

May Israel appreciate those Jewish pioneers and those who stand with them, who encourage them to be strong and overcome every obstacle, that their “dangerous ideas” may be recognized as innocent IDEALS and embraced, that Israel may live and prosper!

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