Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Noahides in No Man's Land

Email received:

You're not Jewish. You are a Christian. I read on Deborah Lipstadt's blog where someone (Hockey Hound) addresses you as being Jewish. You have not admitted since on this same blog that you are not Jewish. It is forbidden for a Gentile to accept the honour befitting only a Jew. It is in fact an act of theft. "A little folly outweighs much good."

A Noachide,
Michael Devolin

1) I am a Christian Zionist of the tribes of Joseph and Judah. There are Israelites and there are Jews. Go learn the difference. 2) As far as "Noachides" go - you're simply wandering in the wilderness, in a no man's land, uncommitted souls. 3) Any act of theft would be Black Africans pretending to be Israelite or Asians pretending to be Joes!

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Noahide nonsense

A Christian-Zionist Israelite,
David Ben-Ariel

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