Friday, September 18, 2009

Jim Battle surrenders to Islam without a fight!

UK: Manchester Council Wants to ban Anti-Islam Protest!!

Jim Battle, deputy council leader, said: "Manchester has a long and rich tradition of protest and radicalism."

So he wants to disrupt and corrupt that history because he doesn't agree or approve of the EDL? How fascist!

"We are incredibly proud of that history and to this day people regularly make their voice heard in demonstrations in the city. But we are also a welcoming and tolerant city. "

As long as you're not the EDL! What other group or organization will he excuse himself to be intolerant and unwelcoming to Manchester? Battle sets a dangerous precedent against the exercise of freedoms found in the Western democratic countries (and glaringly absent from the Muslim nations).

"Wherever the so-called English Defence League have gone there has been violence and disruption to ordinary people who just want to go about their business. "

Sounds like what folks said about the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King. Whoever is responsible for violence should be held accountable, not some collective punishment of the EDL, infringing upon the rights of all when any are so unjustly discriminated against.

"These people do not have a legitimate cause - they merely wish to vilify, insult, intimidate and provoke one section of our community. That isn't protest or legitimate democratic debate and it certainly is not welcome in Manchester."

Whether or not Jim Battle chooses to keep his head hidden in the sand, the EDL have a very legitimate cause. Regardless of whether or not he disagrees with their right to protest and express legitimate concerns for the safety of democracy under an increasingly sharia-influenced Great Britain, the truth remains the same and he aids and abets the Nazi Muslims who hate all non-Muslims, as their accursed Koran calls for. It's bizarre such Nazi Muslims are "welcome" in Manchester but not those who dare to expose them and the clear and present danger they present, a cancer growing in the British body.

"Manchester does not want the EDL, and we stand united against their poisonous, disruptive and unbritish outlook and actions."

The dhimmi Jim Battles surrenders without a fight! It is the Islamofascists who are poisonous, disruptive and unbritish in outlook and actions, even if they're more clever and smooth at their tactics than some.

The hateful Islamofascists would behead Battle and the Queen, given the opportunity, and enforce their madman's religion upon all non-Muslims and/or murder them too. This is the plain truth Jim Battle needs to face.


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