Friday, September 18, 2009

We've seen the race card, now show us the birth certificate!

Re: It is all about being black and racism without any doubt.

Your shallow racist thinking
fails to account for all the conservative blacks who know that the hateful Socialist and president usurper Obama/Soetoro/Obama is bent on disrespecting We The People, destroying our Constitution and Republic.

Of course politically correct racists can divert attention from the serious issues folks strongly disagree with Obama/Soetoro/Obama by playing the race card time and again. Hopefully, legitimate Americans will expose such deceitfulness and blast it and refocus attention, sick and tired of folks hiding behind Obama's HALF-blackness! (Black pastor James David Manning says, "if you don't call him black, I won't call him white!"

Where's the birth certificate? Any legitimate president, any natural born American citizen, wouldn't hesitate to gladly share it with the public, being very transparent as the fraud and foreigner CLAIMED he would be. Another big lie from the big liar.

Emperor Obama has got to go!


We've seen the race card, now show us the BIRTH CERTIFICATE!
The president usurper received most of his votes by racist blacks and self-hating whites who wanted to prove they're not "racist" because they voted for the half-black man. This is the plain truth. And if folks didn't want to vote for the half-black man because of his anti-Americanism, his racism, his shady character and hateful comrades, that's their prerogative, isn't it? We've seen enough of the race card played, but let us see the BIRTH CERTIFICATE! He is paying lawyers hush money to keep America in the dark about it and refuses to bring any revealing documents to light. Hello?

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