Friday, September 11, 2009

The Rape of Europe: "No Means No!"

What part of no don't the elitists in Brussels understand? Don't the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels speak Irish, Dutch or French? Why are they driven to go from gross sexual imposition to the RAPE of Europe? "No means no!"

As Europe goes, so goes the world.

Open Europe reports that Declan Ganley says (who became the "figurehead in Ireland's first referendum on the Lisbon Treaty"), in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, "It's profoundly undemocratic to walk all over democracy...The Irish people had a vote on the Lisbon Treaty. They voted no. A higher percentage of the electorate voted no than voted for Barack Obama in the United States of America. No one's suggesting he should run for re-election next month. But--hey, presto!--15 months later we're being told to vote again on exactly the same treaty."

Ganley also doesn't fall for the cosmetic changes that would mask the Lisbon Treaty is the European Constitution in drag. It's a perversion of justice and honesty and is deliberately dense and difficult to read.

"Why, when the French voted no [on the European Constitution], the Dutch voted no and the Irish voted no, are we still being force-fed the same formula? [the Lisbon Treaty] You don't have to scratch your head and wonder about democracy in some intellectualised, distant way and wonder, is there some obscure threat to it."

Ganley warns that if the Irish vote yes for the Lisbon Treaty it would mark the death knell of liberty and silence the voice of the people, throttled by fascists who would impose their will: "With just intergovernmental agreement, with no need of going back to the citizens anywhere, they can make any change to this constitutional document, adding any new powers, without having to revisit an electorate anywhere."

Isn't Europe setting itself up for a fall? Aren't the elitists intent on preparing the way for their king, a modern Charlemagne, forging the European Union after the model of the "Holy Roman Empire"? Isn't Germany the architect of this grand design? The Jesuits the power behind this throne?

"This is manifest contempt for democracy. It is a democracy-hating act. . . . This is so bold a power grab as to be almost literally unbelievable."

The two most powerful positions in Europe would be the president of the European Union and foreign minister (High Representative for Foreign and Security Affairs). Ganley explains, "Presumably they're going to be speaking for me, right, because I'm a citizen. But I don't get to vote for or against these people. So, who mandates them, if not me, as a citizen, or you? Oh, so somebody who is how many places removed from me selects from within one of their own. They never have to debate with a competitor. I'm never given a choice of, do you want Tom, Joe or Anne. I'm presented with my president."

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall states biblical prophecy reveals the two most powerful positions in the world will be political and religious, held with an iron-grip by a pope and emperor! Europe's imminent Church-State union awaits the crisis that will bring it all together, the lightning strike that will energize it and shock the international community.

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