Friday, July 31, 2009

We're in the Times of the Gentiles!

Shamefully, every one of the Sabbath-keeping Church of God groups shy away from being as blunt as God when it comes to speaking of races, families and nations, and always make blunted references to the "English-speaking peoples" as the descendants of Jacob-Israel. It appears the Church of God groups are more concerned with being friends of this world, receiving the approval of the politically correct, than daring to share the plain truth of the Bible - an ethnocentric book with its focus on the Family of Jacob-Israel!

Unlike such spiritual cowards, I'm determined to be as "racist" as God's Word teaches me to be to help explain what's going on and testify where it's leading if we fail to remember our Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities.

Is the plain truth too strong? Not according to the Word and Will of God that commands we're to cry aloud and spare not! Not whisper to the world and preach to the choir, singing lullabies as the nation dies in its sleep!

We see the prophecies for the physical descendants of Israel and Judah coming true before our very eyes with militant minorities, with the tail wagging the dog, the animals running the farm, everything upside down and confused and out of order, an unnatural state of domestic and international affairs, with White Israelites maligned, hated, discriminated against and endangered by ungrateful Gentiles, as we've been ungrateful to our Great Creator God (Deuteronomy 28:43).

The brilliant Anglo-Saxon-Celtic influence and dominance in the United States and throughout the civilized world appears to be history for the forseeable future, with dire consequences for all mankind, as non-whites and/or Gentiles rise as we fall. (See Suicide--Or Murder? Kaufmann's Rise and Fall of Anglo-America).

Truly, these are the frightening times the Bible refers to as the beginning of sorrows, leading into the Time of Jacob's Trouble (there's that ethnocentric reference again, even though the whole world will suffer, God focuses on our family), the Great Tribulation - the Times of the Gentiles - that will demand divine intervention to save some Israelites and Jews alive!

We are the ethnic Elect, beloved for the fathers' Abraham, Isaac and Jacob's sakes, for whom the King of the Jews, the King of Israel, will specifically return to save and preserve from extinction! The GOOD NEWS is sent primarily to the Twelve Tribes of Israel and assures us of our NATIONAL DELIVERANCE, not just spiritual salvation. The Two Witnesses will testify to this truth before our captive audience.

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