Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Carter and Clinton's "New Baptist Covenant" Scam


By Don Feder
Posted January 28, 2007

Its rhetoric notwithstanding, the left loathes diversity.

Dissent drives it nuts. It's forever scheming to eliminate, co-opt or undercut alternative institutions.

It controls three of the four major networks, but obsesses about Fox News. It has The New York Times and the rest of the dominant print media, but agonizes over talk-radio and conservative websites.

Even though the mainline Protestant churches are safely in its vest-pocket, it's threatened by the success of conservative denominations.

Hence the latest assault on the Southern Baptists, led by ex-Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton - both raised in the denomination - under the guise of a "New Baptist Covenant."

Carter quit the Southern Baptists after their 2000 "Baptist Faith and Message," which repeated the instruction of that old misogynist St. Paul about wives submitting to their husbands. As president, Clinton attended a Methodist church with Hillary, when he wasn't holding ecumenical services with Monica.

At a January 9th news conference at Atlanta's Carter Center (next time you're there, be sure to visit the Ayatollah Khomeini room), Carter and Clinton announced an alternative Baptist movement to counter the supposedly negative image of the Southern Baptist Convention...

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