Saturday, January 27, 2007

Urban League to Demand Toledo Hire Black Only?

Excerpt [with my comments] from: City not ready to see Bell go

Johnny Mickler is president of the Urban League [a racist organization like the NAACP], which tries to build character and self-esteem in minority kids. [Isn't that the responsibility of the parents?].

With Chief Bell leaving [who appears to have been very qualified], Doctor Eugene Sanders [who couldn't even speak proper English!] now running Cleveland schools, and with Jack Ford no longer Mayor of Toledo [thank God!], Mickler believes African Americans in Toledo need to see a leader from their community in a high position in city government.[Fine. Let them vote like responsible people do - not just demand a position for one of their own. Perhaps European Americans or British Americans or Asian Americans will want the chance to vote one from their own "community" into office].

Right now, it doesn't appear there will be a campaign to demand Chief Bell be replaced with another African American. [Isn't that a thinly veiled threat? Demand? And if such ridiculous demands aren't met, what? Another riot? That ought to build character and self-esteem in impressionable young minds. Can't get what you want? Demand it! If that doesn't work, take it to the streets and break the law]. Obviously the hope is qualified blacks will be interviewed for the job, and a capable African American will succeed Bell as both Fire Chief and as a symbol of progress and respect. [Why the preoccupation with race? Why not be color blind and simply say may the best man win? And if a Black man does win, let's hope he's truly qualified and not just an "affirmative action" hire.].


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