Sunday, January 14, 2007

Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner exposes arrogant jail officials

Dear Mayor Finkbeiner,

As for your unfortunate experience with arrogant officials at the Ottawa jail, let it be known that such is too often standard treatment for those who are visiting family and/or friends who are incarcerated regardless of whether it's in Ottawa or elsewhere as many, many folks would share with you if asked to write or call you about their experiences.

What you have done, thankfully (leave it to Carty), is gotten righteously indignant (with cause) and have publicized this plight too many suffer who have been treated like criminals rather than taxpaying visitors. You have seen how unjust it is and demand accounting, a change in the deplorable status quo, and this is good and right.

You're a mayor. Perhaps you can send out a memo to America's mayors to encourage them to remind their jail/prison officials that they are public servants - not lords - and to act like it, sensitive to family and friends who only hope to visit a loved one without incident or humiliation.

David Ben-Ariel

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