Saturday, January 27, 2007

No blood libel for Christians

OP-ED: Anti-Semitism a Christian disease? Not so fast
by David A. Harris

David A. Harris is executive director of the American Jewish Committee.

I read and agreed with David's article but wanted to comment on this particular excerpt:

While anti-Semitism historically has been more virulent in European Christendom, leading up to the Holocaust, it has not been absent in the Muslim world.
Anti-Semitism was and remains virulent in the bloody Vatican, within the Roman Catholic Cult (Babylonian Mystery religion dressed in Christian drag) which is not to be confused with Christians or Christianity, as the RCC have historically persecuted those who belong to the Faith once delivered to the Jews and Jerusalem, the Sabbath-keeping Church of God, branding us as "Judaizers."

The blood libel of anti-Semitism and/or Holocaust guilt against all Christians is patently false and as injurious as those who spread murderous hatred against all Jews because of the evil actions of a relative few Jews, who also often happen to be the worst anti-Semites!

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