Friday, February 29, 2008

Bible-believers aren't Nazis!

Some shamefully use a broad brush to paint all who acknowledge the Israelite origins of the West, our Hebrew roots, as Nazis and such, when clearly Brit Am, founded by Torah-observant Israeli Jews, and Herbert W. Armstrong - friend of every Israeli prime minister from Golda Meir to Yitzhak Shamir, as well as Mayor Teddy Kollek (who had a banquet for him in Jerusalem, presenting him with an expensive Israeli sculpture of David fighting Goliath, appreciating Mr. Armstrong considered himself a descendant of King David through his descent from the British Royal Family) - and Christian Zionist Orde Wingate, among many others, prove otherwise for those truly interested in the facts.

Such a false assertion against Bible-believers is as dishonest as those who condemn all Jews as destructive liberals or Khazars, and isn't Christian, but then the plain truth is most who blather such charges are idolatrous traditional "Christians" anyway, something completely foreign to the early Church of God.

Such misguided (at best) folks, undoubtedly consider the ethnocentric Bible, any mention of the Promised Land of ISRAEL (not Ishmael or Esau), the prophets and patriarchs, as "racist" too. Regardless of those shackled on the PC plantation, I'm as "racist" as the Bible teaches me to be.

Furthermore, the shadowy Barack Hussein Obama isn't fit to be president in any manner, shape or form, due to his race and his religion (which includes his left-wing politics), as the Bible commands Israelites to only elect one of our own to rule our country.


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